Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Evaluation of Oral Presentation

Finally, my group and I have done the long-awaited oral presentation. In my opinion, our team had put a lot of effort through weekly meetings and brainstorming. We learnt and strove to do the necessary survey and interview and to analyze statistical data. The most interesting yet challenging part was interviewing the authority (in our case, we would like to thank Ms. May Yee from IRO). It was challenging because, unlike interviews for media that I had done before, we had to convey a problem to the related authority without making it sound like a complaint. Thankfully, the interview ended well. :)

During the oral presentation, although there is a room for improvements, I really feel that my presentation skill has improved. If I had a chance to re-do the presentation, I would try to deliver my speech more fluently. I would also try to be more clear-headed so I would not miss out some minor points. Although I managed to maintain more eye contact, I believe I can still improve on that.

However, I feel that my performance was better than my peer-teaching presentation since I successfully avoided looking at the slides. My practice was paid off since I managed to vary my tone and deliver the important points that I wanted to tell to the audiences.

All in all, through the presentation, I have learnt a lot of things but there are some weaknesses that I still have to work at. Last but not least, I would love to hear your suggestions or comments! :)


Maxime Fugel said...

Hi Teresa!

I think that you have done a good performance! Indeed, in comparison with our rehearses, you were very confident and enthusiastic yesterday! I think that the audience realized that you know very well your topic. Maybe you can try to vary a little bit more your tone of voice.One thing is sure is that you have improved your communication skills since your Peer Teaching presentation! Congratulations and thanks for your work!

Dhanya said...

Hi Teresa!

I just did not recognize you when you were speaking! Great job on the presentation. You were confident and comfortable with your speech. You asked questions and that gained a bit of my attention. Your hand gestures were also good!

I thought you could have done better with eye-contact like you mention :)

Maple Lai said...

Hi Teresa!

Great presentation you did! I like how you smiled throughout your part and the varying of your tone while speaking made your entire speech more lively.

However, on my part, I feel that when you did ask questions, the pause in between was slightly long, as if waiting for a reply but you were not. So, I felt a bit of an awkward silence when you do paused. Perhaps, the pause can be shorter.

Overall, it was a very lively presentation on your part and your gestures were good!


Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Maxime!

Noted. Yes, I did not manage to practice before the rehearsal so I decided to practice more after that. :)Thank you for your feedback!

Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Dhanya!

Thanks a lot for the feedback and comments. Really appreciate them! :)

Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Maple!

Thank you! You raise an important point. I will try to make it shorter next time. [I just realized that it turned into a rather awkward silent!] :D

Tasha said...

Hey Teresa!

I think that you have definitely improved from our rehearsals because I remember you mentioned more things, especially for the importance part. You also spoke more fluently so it looked more natural and not like you were memorising from a script. You posed questions to the class to, which I feel is good because it makes them ponder about the issue more. However, I think that you can work on speaking a little bit louder and more enthusiastically. Nonetheless, overall, good work Teresa! ;)


Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Tasha!
Noted. Thanks dear! :D

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