Thursday, 23 August 2012

Why Effective Communication Skills Are Important For Me

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make afirst impression. It’s no surprise that many people are stuck in the sin ofprejudice. According to Richard Maun, business coach and author of Job Hunting3.0, as quoted in Guardian Jobs, “people make up 90% of their mind in the first90 seconds”.

Being a girl of prejudice myself, I am well aware that theability to win people over with a great first impression is of importance. Peoplewill judge the way I dress up, talk and move even from the very first time theyland their eyes on me. How to deal with it? I can learn to be an impeccabledresser in no time (thanks to Seventeen and Vogue). Unfortunately, as the onlychild in my family, I grew up as an introvert: reserved and no ‘natural borncharmer’.

Over the years, countless ideas popped into my head without mybeing able to share them. A few years ago, I found refuge in writing. All theseyears, I prefer texting over calling and non-verbal over verbal communication. SinceI cannot hide behind the written words all the time, I realize that I have tostart learning about effective communication skills.

Furthermore, I always have a keen interest in ‘reading’people between the lines. The obvious can be easily grasped by anyone in an instant but there may be something hidden in gestures and choice of words.My inability to understand non-verbal cues might eventually raiseunintentional conflicts.

Therefore, I believe that effective communication isessential. By mastering the skills, I will be able to share my ideas and interpretthe universal language that everyone ‘speaks’ (that is non-verbal cues) andflourish.

Edited 27 Aug 2012


Brad Blackstone said...

I really like this first post, Teresa. You open up to your reader and share your insecurity, explaining how as an introvert you have found "refuge" in writing yet suggesting that you can't "hide behind the written words all the time." Thanks for the serious effort at reflection!

Well let's see what you can do to come out of your shell! You certainly allow us to "see you" here. I want to get more of a feeling that you are willing to leave your comfort zone in class. I'm going to push and prod, you know!

Here are a few minor language issues:

1) The obvious can be easily grasped by anyone at instance but there are always something hidden in gestures and choice of words. >>> The obvious can be easily grasped by anyone in an instant but there may be something hidden in gestures and the choice of words.

2) The inability to understand these non-verbal cues will eventually raise unintentional conflicts. >>> My inability to understand non-verbal cues might eventually raise unintentional conflicts

I appreciate your effort!

Maple Lai said...

Hi Teresa, I really like your post. I think it is kind of brave of you to share such personal stuff and opening up to the class in your first post. And I really like your way of writing. It's very comfortable to read and I really look forward to more of your posts! :D

Keep it up, fellow blogging groupmate!

Concusfused said...

Hi Teresa! I loved your post! I fit into the exact description you talk of in my middle school days. It has taken a while to cross over and become more open to verbal communication. I can tell you that once you do mange to make a jump you will realize the boons of being open to conversation.

It opens up a world of possibilities!

Teresa Widodo said...

@Brad: Thanks for the compliment, Brad! Yes, I will do my best to make most out of this course.

@Maple: Hi! Thanks a lot, Maple! Glad that you like it. :D

Teresa Widodo said...

@Brad: Oh, and thanks a lot for the corrections. Please don't hesitate to correct my terrible grammar so I can improve on it! :D

Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Tasha! Thanks :) and thanks for being so supportive.

Tasha said...

Hi Teresa! I prefer text to calling too! Unless I am comfortable and close to the person, then I would not mind calling that person. Some people might get tired of having to press so many buttons so they would rather call instead so that their message gets across faster. At least we get to exercise our thumb muscles! Haha! :P

Teresa Widodo said...

True! And we can type faster than average people LOL. Anyway, I thought you were the one using ID Concusfused... Oopsie.

Teresa Widodo said...

@Concusfused: Sorry, Dhanya! I didn't know it's you! >.< Thanks a lot :)

Bongjin Kim said...

Hi Teresa ! Thanks to your post, there was an opportunity for me to reflect myself. Actually, I've heard that I don't have good impression for others. (Maybe, it comes from my ugly face..haha!) So, I always try to make a good impression, but it is not easy. After reading your post, I could think that I should try my best once more !

Teresa Widodo said...

Hi Bongjin! Haha. Don't underestimate yourself. Be confidence! :D It's good to know that my post can encourage you to do so. Thank you!

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